Practical Guide to Understanding Employment Law in Malaysia

We had a successful Webinarathon on “Practical Guide to Understanding Employment Law in Malaysia“… We started at 10am …

Successfully completed our main presentation and answered 95% of Questions.

There are still so many questions bombarding Wai  but we must wrap up at 1:45pm cause our brain is too tired and hang liao.

No worries, we will have a follow up session on Employment Law at a later date & time to answer more questions. I will either send the updates via email to my subsribers or update my facebook event page

I enjoy what I do because I follow my “monkey” nature to be playful and always enjoy the moment …

I am singing because I am a happy person and whenever I feel like singing, I just sing lar …

Life is short … Why think so much ?


Below is the short and sweet video preview of our live webinar  …

After the webinarathon, we were still actively discussing about our next topic, we are tentatively planning for below topics in the future:

  • Termination of Probationer
  • Termination of Poor Performance
  • Termination for misconduct
  • Redundancy, retrenchment & VSS
  • Constructive dismissal

we took this pix after our webinarathon ... our brain actually stopped functioning but we are still smiling ... ahahah

This is the Webinar Outline 


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