MPERS Online Training for Professional Accountants & Auditors

Dear Accountants & Auditors, do you have questions in preparation process of financial statements under MPERS ? I am offering FREE seats to attend MPERS Live Q&A Webinar for those who help me promote my MPERS online training ... (Initially, this MPERS Q&A session is closed to paid premium participants only) How to register your FREE seat to attend MPERS Live Q&A Session ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step #1: Comment below this video post what are the benefits you gain from attending MPERS training via online webinar platform Step #2: LIKE , SHARE and TAG 3 friends or colleagues that you think will benefit from watching this video Step #3: Watch this video on MPERS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complete the above 3 steps and I shall PM you the registration link to attend MPERS Q&A session on 27th April before 10am ... If you have any questions regarding MPERS, Post your questions by clicking this link -> ... If you have no questions, then just patiently wait for me to PM you the MPERS Live Q&A Webinar registration link ... Do it before 27th April 10am ya ! Ready ... Get Set ... GO !

Posted by EvannaMiss8 on Wednesday, April 19, 2017