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This workshop is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the Employees Social Security Act, 1969.
At the end of the workshop, you will know all about SOCSO and its benefits, which will be able to help you and your clients to make claims. This is a must-attend workshop with great knowledge to be discovered!

Who Should Attend ?

  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Professionals & Business Owners who wish to master SOCSO - Employees Social Security Act, 1969.



  • Wednesday, 15th Aug
  • 10 - 11:15 am Part 1 if FREE & Open to PUBLIC
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  • Wednesday, 15th Aug
  • 11:30am - 1pm Part 2 is for Paid Participants Only
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This flexible online training is designed to help busy professionals & business owners to gain practical knowledge on SOCSO

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Practical Guide to Mastering SOCSO & Its Benefits

by Mr. Saw Ah Leong

  • Methodology

    Online training video recording accompanied by presentation slides, practical examples, Live Q&A session and post-webinar Q&A reply in written format

  • Venue of Webinar

    This an online event. You can watch replay anytime from your desktop, laptop, smart devices & smart phones (iOS and Andriod supported)

Master Trainer: Mr. Saw Ah Leong

Mr. Saw Ah Leong - SOCSO Expert

Mr. Saw Ah Leong was a Commissioner of Oaths as well as the Project Trainer of Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd on the area of Will and Trust. He is also a seminar speaker on covering the human resource matters such as SOCSO, Labour Laws and Domestic Inquiries in relation to the Employment Act 1955.

He holds a Higher School Certificate (University of Cambridge) and a Post Graduate Diploma, Human Resource Management from the Glasgow Caledonian University. He started his career as a Postal Officer in 1964 until 1976. Thereafter, he was appointed as the SOCSO Officer and then Manager until 1987, where he introduced SOCSO coverage to Miri, Sarawak.

In 1987 he was attached to the Labour Department in Jabatan Buruh, Kuala Lumpur where he was presiding and hearing labour disputes in Labour Court. He was also involved in the inspection, prosecution and investigation of labour offences as well as acted as the Commissioner for Labour to assess compensation for injured workers.

Mr. Saw is the author of “Summary & Highlights of the Employment Act 1955”, explaining the important points of the Employment Act 1955. He retired as an Assistant Director of Labour 

Profile of Mr. Saw at a glance

  • Assistant Director of Labour
  • Prosecutor
  • Labour Court
  • Seconded to SOCSO
  • Help extend SOCSO to Sarawak
  • 1st SOCSO Manager, Miri Sarawak
  • Attended various courses – Police College
  • Detect Forged I.C.
  • Management, Counseling,
  • Occupational Safety & Health, etc.
  • Commissioner for Oath (Retired)
  • Director, Rockwills Trustee

Paid Premium Participants will get

  • Full Video Replay of the Entire Webinar Session

  • Unlimited Download of Full Presentation Slides

  • Unlimited Download of Full Video Replay

  • Post-webinar Q&A support in online forum

    Trainer will reply your question in Live Q&A format

  • Self Help Assessment (Multiple Choice Questions)

  • Report on learning hours (Live or Recorded) to help you fulfil the CPD / CPE requirements

Benefits of Signing Up

  • Organize talks / seminar to value add your clients

    You might want to organize workshops for your clientele or prospect and you can use the information of  our training as a reference to help you speak confidently. You will stand out among your clients as a professional who keeps update to the latest change and is knowledgeable to help them. Besides gaining trust from your clients, you gain repeat business and referrals.

  • Organize internal training session to your shareholders, directors & key management

    You might have chairman or board of directors who wants you to understand SOCSO Matters and brief them on the critical issues that affect their business. We help you address the presentation from the business and board perspective, plus technical knowledge

  • Always on the move and require updates as and when on your own time and pace

    You might be a very busy person who do not have time to attend the live training session or you get distracted and might miss some important points during the live training. This online training helps you retain the knowledge and you can play back the recording anytime you wish to

  • Download the video recording for your internal staff training

    Training staff is never ending and a challenging task. You might not have the time and patience to train. You will be stressful in training especially when you have staff resigning and new staff coming in. You can use this online training as a training platform for your existing or new staff.

  • The LAWS can cause confusion, you can post practical questions to experts whenever you encounter confusion

    There are updates on the SOCSO Matters and, it will cause a lot of confusion and questions. With this online training, you can post question to the expert. We plan to host regular live Q&A session to resolve your questions via live webinar.

  • You work or study requires you to keep updated with the latest SOCSO Matters

    You might be a lecturer or student that requires you to keep updated with the latest SOCSO Updates. This online training gives you an overview you need to keep abreast on the latest development.

Definition of Webinar

Webinar is also known as web seminar, online seminar, online course, online training, online workshop. In summary, it is passing down of knowledge, skill and education via online platform

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Here are what some of our paid members have to say about our online webinars ...

Steven, Butterworth, Penang

Reduce my time in staff training, so I can have more time to focus on core area.


Help to improve my knowledge at my convenience time.


I can update and equipped myself without travel so far besides it is flexible for me to arrange my working and personal schedule.


the training are recorded can be play anytime anywhere if wanna recall.

Chan, Ipoh

Your webinar helps to enhance our knowledge & my staff to get free training online. Thank you for making the online training free and available to all.

Tan, Klang

Honestly, I joined as paid member but have not go thru in detail. Normally i will download all information and video as my reference.

Salmi, Klang

I am a staff only, for me this training is quit good, save time and energy rather then we attend the training at the hotel that take one day time.


convenient.  can view in the office


It helped to prepare me for the new changes and implementation, without the inconvenience to have to physically attend all training sessions on a specific time and day.


It will help me a lot because I can refer back the training as and when is necessary and assess for the guidance online as needed.

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